About Zoom

Zachary & Mariah are the Owners of Zoom Studioz, a modern-day photography business. Mariah originally from Minnesota and Zachary from Pennsylvania. Both had dreams to live and go to college in a big city ever since growing up in small towns. 


In late 2013 in Chicago, IL Zachary & Mariah decided to combine forces and begin to build a business. Fusing both her talents of fashion and photography with his entrepreneurship and marketing.


Fast forwarding a couple years after many ideas & branding changes, they came across what is today, Zoom Studioz. Selling landscapes is one thing, but what Zoom Studioz brings is something totally new to the table. 


Everyone nowadays is taking photos and uploading to social media. Never actually becoming a tangible product. Mariah wanted to print her photography and Zack would help her grow the business. Her photos are never photoshopped, adding birds or taking away people from the image, just pure originality. 


When thinking of landscape or travel photography you start to create images in your mind. Like the beaches of Bora Bora, or beautiful landscapes from New Zealand. Her photography is never planned, just executed. She see’s the world differently than most and that's what caught Zack's eye when starting the business. Not only does she have an eye for photography, but also knows how to create a mood and connection with her photos. For example, you would never know some of her photos were taking in such a location until you see the location tag in the photograph. She draws herself away from the original stereotype of landscapes and creates her own cameras point of view. It’s like a mix of both street art and photography landscapes. Let's call it Streetscapes. 


They are creators and this is their business!